It is talk based therapy, where you can discuss an issue, troubling thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the goal of improving your current situation. It helps you develop a better understanding of yourself and gain perspective of the presenting issue. Sessions will help you identify personal resources, support mechanisms and opportunities that are available to you, that you may not have previously recognised or considered.
Yes, it is available to everyone. A powerful and necessary first step towards change is acceptance and acknowledgment. Talking about a problem can create freedom, by separating it, from you as a person.
I use a combination of therapies including, person centred, acceptance and commitment and solution focused therapy. I am highly trained in conflict resolution, effective communication, men’s health, and mindfulness-based therapies. I will tailor the therapy style to suit you.
Yes. Anything discussed in counselling is protected by privacy and confidentiality laws. Your privacy and confidentiality is protected and respected.
Think about the issue or concern that has brought you to counselling, and what is motivating you to make changes that will improve your life.
It is different for everyone, depending on the circumstances and issues. There may be one or many goals that you want to achieve from counselling, and time will be allocated to ensure realistic outcomes are met. Generally, 6 sessions is a good block to work in. However, you can book as many or as few as needed.
Sessions are 1 hour

Face to face, telehealth and phone appointments are available. Consulting rooms are in Chelsea

No, bookings can be made directly by email, phone or following booking links on this site.
No, however the session fees have been adjusted to compensate, so your out-of-pocket fee is relative to the rebate amount.

We accept EFTPOS and Electronic Funds Transfer. Payment is due at the completion of each appointment.

Yes. Men’s health influences men and women. As I specialise in Men’s health, I am able to provide insight to women that are experiencing issues involving men.
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