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What Is Counselling

Counselling’s main purpose is to provide a person with a safe private space where they can talk about their issues, troubling thoughts and emotions with the goal of improving their current situation. A counsellor helps a client gain a better understanding of themselves and the presenting issue, and helps them identify personal skills and support mechanisms that build problem solving skills.

The counsellor’s responsibility is to listen, support without judgement, cater for the wellbeing of the client and create an environment that is comfortable and secure.

A counsellor’s aim is to help you identify personal resources and opportunities that are available to you that you may not have previously recognised or considered. It is talk-based therapy, centred around open discussion and a collaborative working relationship between counsellor and client.

What Is Counselling
Preparing For A Session

Preparing For A Session

1. Think about the issue, problem or concern that has brought you to counselling. What was your reason for making this appointment?

2. Are you prepared for change, and what is motivating you to make this change?

3. What have you done previously to manage this situation or issue?

4. How would you like your life to look? What is your desired outcome from counselling?


  • Develop personal insight and increase self-awareness
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and your relationship with yourself, your feelings, thoughts and emotions
  • Gain an understanding of the link between your thoughts, emotions and behaviours 
  • Identify triggers that create stress and anxiety
  • Develop stress and anxiety relief strategies 
  • Learn problem solving skills and identify accessible personal support structures
  • Change problematic behaviour
  • Improve and increase emotional & psychological flexibility 
  • Learn to express, convey and monitor feelings and emotions
  • Develop a self-care practice
  • Gain perspective of your concerns 
  • Establish and build a closer connection to your inner self
  • Gain a better understanding of how you would like your life to be, and the actions you need to take to get there

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