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The mental health of a man affects many.  In the role as father, son, mate, uncle, nephew, brother, husband, and partner, there are expectations, judgements, and perceptions that are adopted.  Often men allow these thoughts and perceptions to control them and define them, sacrificing their happiness, personal identity, sense of belonging and self-awareness.   

You do not have to suffer in silence.  Counselling can help you overcome the problems that are stopping you from living the life you deserve and desire. It is never too late to talk.  

Men’s mental health is compounded when there is an inability to identify & express feelings and emotions. Issues such as anger management, depression, grief, conflict, relationship & communication problems, become established conditions, and lead to shame, regret, internal conflict, and unhealthy avoidance strategies, unless they are addressed. 

Have you ever said something or done something that you immediately regretted and thought, why did I need to say that?  Why did I do that?  That’s not me. That does not represent the person I am trying to be.  That is not the man my family and friends deserve.

Men’s Counselling is talk therapy, where you can improve your emotional flexibility, learn problem solving skills, develop personal growth, and self-worth. This style of therapy helps you reduce the restriction put on you by unhelpful thoughts, lingering regrets, past events, beliefs, labels, and identifications.  You will develop a better understanding of your presenting problem, gain perspective of it, and learn to make better decisions, that will minimise conflict. 

Thought and emotional expression, acceptance, and acknowledgment are the most important, and often the most difficult, but necessary steps to take for change to occur. 

Simply talking about an issue, in a safe and private space can help you overcome it.

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FAQS for Men

As a man, I understand the struggles and problems that we experience, personally, and as a father, son, brother, and husband. I know it is difficult to open up and seek the help that will get you back on the right track to living a fulfilling and happy life. I specialize in helping and supporting men overcome barriers that prevent them achieving their potential and living the life they desire. Studies prove men are more likely to speak openly and honestly to another man. It takes a courageous man to seek help, and I am here to support you to make the positive changes that will improve your life.

Men’s counselling will help you understand the link between your thoughts, feeling and behaviours. You will develop emotional flexibility, self-awareness, and emotional regulation, improving your relationship with yourself and others. Learn how to make better decisions that prevent conflict and self-sabotage. You can see situations for what they are, rationally and with clarity, without bias or judgement. I will help you gain perspective of your presenting issue, assess your options, and identify personal strengths and problem-solving skills that you may not have realised existed.

No.  Sometimes it is wise just to seek a professional opinion or another perspective of something that is on your mind.  Think of it as like putting yourself in for a service. It is healthy, natural, and wise to unload occasionally and relieve yourself of emotional baggage before it becomes a crisis.

Being angry is a normal, human emotion.  As men, we find relief in letting off steam, and that generally includes verbal and physical outbursts, with responses ranging from mild to explosive, uncontrollable rage.  Anger is ok but it is unhealthy to suppress it. The response and reaction to it needs to be managed and controlled. How many times have you reacted in anger, said something or did something, and immediately regreted it?  I can help you recognise and understand your triggers and develop strategies to express your anger in a respectful way, without affecting yourself and others.   See my Anger Management program.

Men are less likely to talk about the battles they have with depression and anxiety.  There has been a stigma around men expressing their feelings and talking about mental health.  This is changing for the better, as talking about feelings and emotions, and sharing your story with others, are the keys to recovery. Identifying and accepting thoughts for what they are, just thoughts, and creating separation (cognitive defusion) from them, takes away their power and influence.

Grief and loss is something we all experience in our life.  Although loss is a common human experience, grief can be complex, confusing, and multi-faceted, and completely different to other people’s experience. It can lead to confusion, anger, isolation, guilt, regret and extreme sadness. 

Being stoic and strong (as men are meant to be or expected to be), keeping feelings inside, is not a coping mechanism that helps the process, it will prolong it. It can be a lonely, complicated time and using avoidance strategies or self-medicating with alcohol and drugs to numb the pain, won’t allow you the time and space to process it and cope with it. 

Loss and grief counselling is good place to start the healing process.

Learning effective communication skills and techniques can help resolve conflict.  Negative and problematic communication patterns that include – criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt, create conflict and are often the cause of problems that create relationship breakdowns.  Couples get stuck in arguments that are a result of conflict, because they have contrasting communication styles, and are unable to express their needs/emotions/feelings to each other or be receptive to their partner’s needs.   Winning an argument does not mean the problem has been resolved.  It adds momentum to conflict.

Mindfulness seems to be the buzz word now, but it has been around for as long as humans have been able to think. Put simply, it is about being aware of the present moment rather than experiencing life thinking about the past or the future. This allows you to experience life as it occurs, without being controlled and influenced by troubling thoughts, judgements, assessments, regrets and opinions.  You don’t need to mediate or be a yogi to practice mindfulness.  I can show you simple and effective techniques you can use anywhere and anytime, that can bring you immediate peace of mind, calmness and allow for rational decision making.

Yes, they are.  Anything discussed in a counselling session stays inside the four walls. Your privacy and confidentiality are protected and respected.

No.  Bookings can be made directly by using the links on this page, emailing or phone 0466673706.

You can book as many or as few as you like.  My focus is helping you achieve an outcome, and this make take anywhere from 1-6 sessions.  The initial session will be used to assess your situation and develop a plan and treatment approach.

Contact us to book a 15 minute introductory call to see if our counselling services can help you achieve the outcome you desire.

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