Stress Management Counselling in Melbourne


Life can be challenging and complicated. A meaningful life comprises a wonderful and diverse mix of emotions and feelings, including joy, grief, love, shame, disappointment and stress. Stress on its own is not necessarily a bad thing, however our response to it can be. Stress management counselling, can help individuals identify stress triggers – be it events, situations, people, and teach skills, techniques and strategies to help cope more effectively, when it arises.  

Feelings of being overwhelmed, having too many things on your mind, pressure, life deadlines getting away from you, can be signs that stress is becoming a problem. Learning to manage emotions and acknowledging signs of stress before they become heavy is a great first step.

Mindful Health Counselling provides targeted stress management counselling in Melbourne.

Seeking counselling for stress is an effective way of learning and developing psychological flexibility.

We provide counselling for stress in Chelsea to help reduce the impact of stress related thoughts, emotions and feelings through ACT therapy.  Learning to accept these thoughts when they arise, instead of avoiding them.  

What Is Stress?


Our stress management therapists also provide anxiety counselling to help you deal with the emotional associated effects of stress.


Self Care Strategies

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