Family Therapy and Family Counselling in Melbourne

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No family or human is perfect. In fact being imperfect makes for a fulfilling, meaningful life.  Growth is a satisfying journey.  With family counselling, you have the opportunity to talk out your family issues in a controlled setting, free from judgement and criticism.  

Families can face many difficult challenges, such as communication problems, separations, personal dynamics, medical problems, developmental problems, etc. Sometimes, these situations can feel overwhelming and disempowering. Mindful Health Counselling family therapy services can help you deal address these issues.

Traditionally, when discussing families, we usually talk about a unit. The generic model comprises parents, children, siblings, grandparents, etc. But now, with blended families becoming an acceptable norm in our society, the definition of family has expanded. It now also includes step-parents and step-siblings. We provide family therapy in Melbourne for all families and extended family members.

Family Counselling for difficult situations

Sometimes, parents face conflict with their children due to the generational gap. They may be facing parenting issues, and family counselling can help parents and kids to find middle ground to understand and begin the journey of resolution.  If there are issues in the family related to difficult and complex topics like addiction, violence, sexual abuse, or homophobia, we offer family counselling in Melbourne to directly address these problems.

In the case of a divorce, separation counselling can help children navigate this difficult, confusing and often embarrassing event.  We have often see children find it difficult to accept a new family member, if one of the parents develops a new relationship or decides to remarry. We offer separation counselling in Chelsea to help families deal with such difficult, yet common phases of life.

We provide marriage counselling sessions to help couples address their problems. If a couple are experiencing conflict in their marriage and want a chance at improving their relationship, couples counselling can certainly help. Sometimes, talking with a neutral third party can bring into perspective many things which normally go amiss.

It is recommended that couples seek relationship counselling before officially separating.  Habits formed in relationships are carried through to future relationships unless they are addressed, so couples counselling benefits not only the relationship but those involved in it.

Even in stable families with no obvious difficult experiences, there can still be a myriad of problems to face. Sibling rivalries, unrealistic expectations, the potential financial burden of aged parents, different world views on race, religion or politics, intercultural marriages, etc. – the list goes on.

Family therapy can help all family members find a peaceful resolution to all of these issues. They have a safe space to express their grievances against each other in a controlled environment. Our family therapy in Melbourne allows families to talk about the difficult topics they usually avoid, and often these left unresolved cause further problems.  

Families experience domestic violence, physical violence against children, substance abuse, fractured dynamics, opposing values, etc. We understand these are traumatic experiences to talk about.  Mindful Health Counselling provides judgment free, empathetic and sensitive family violence counselling in Melbourne.

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When Do You Need Help?

Our family counselling in Chelsea is available to address all types of divisive conflict that a family and family members experience. You can seek our counselling to address the following situations:

How Can We Help?

Our counsellor uses a combination of modern therapy techniques to help resolve your family’s issues. We can help you with:

Frequently Asked Questions

All families experience issues. Whether it be a couple going through a divorce or separation, sibling rivalries or generational conflicts - family counselling can begin the journey of resolution.. Going through family therapy sessions together as a unit can help family members resolve their internal conflicts. It is a healthy way to deal with problems.

Families often go through various problems like miscommunication, divorce or separation, serious medical issues, addictions, generational conflicts, intercultural marriages, etc. Going through family counselling can help people resolve these conflicts. It is important as it gives people a safe space to discuss their issues in a controlled, judgement free environment. Family members have the opportunity to express their feeling and emotions with the goal of resolving their issues.

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