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Being angry is a normal, natural human emotion.  Our responses can vary from mild, to feelings of uncontrollable rage, these play out as shouting, breaking things, abusive behaviour, and violence. It is these responses and the methods we have of expression that can cause problems.  

It can be triggered by situations, people, feelings of being humiliated or wronged, responses to pain.  Being angry is ok, it does not need to be suppressed but it needs to be managed and controlled. Melbourne anger management Counselling can help you recognise and understand the triggers to your anger and help manage physical and emotional responses to it.

Signs Of Anger Issues

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Warning Signs Of Anger

Self-care strategies

Recognising the moments, warning signs and things in your life that get you angry, is a big step towards anger management. By taking anger management Counselling Control techniques and emotional responses can be learned, and when they are implemented (through practice, roleplay or in real situations) they are strengthened and reinforced.


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