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  • I am Anthony Grace, the principal therapist at Mindful Health Counselling. I had many years of experience in the corporate sector prior to creating and running my own business for 10 years, where I successfully developed life skills programs for children and conducted courses about parenting, effective communication, and general life improvement strategies to individuals, parents and groups.
  • I am a skilled, intuitive communicator and I understand people. I have lived an eventful life, having experienced the mental and emotional hurdles that are faced daily and can prevent progression towards a more fulfilling life. I became a counsellor as I am passionate about helping people address and overcome the barriers that are preventing them from living the life they desire and deserve.
  • I am an accredited Meditation Teacher & Facilitator.
  • I am a Mentor at the Australian Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness.
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Anthony Grace,

Owner and principal therapist of Mindful Health Counselling

Thought and emotional expression, identification, acceptance, and acknowledgment are the most important, and often the most difficult, but necessary steps to take for change to occur. 

Simply talking about an issue, in a safe and private space can help you overcome the problems that are stopping you from living the life you deserve and desire.

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Privacy & Confidentiality

Your privacy & confidentiality is respected and protected. Anything discussed in your counselling sessions, remains inside the consulting room.

Outcome Focused Therapy

We use a combination of modern solution focused counselling therapies, tailoring the therapy style to suit you and your concerns.

Life Experienced counsellors

Our counsellors have real life experience and understand the challenges that are faced daily that effect mental health and wellbeing.

2 Counselling locations

We offer 2 convenient consulting room locations Chelsea. Telehealth/video & phone appointments also available.

Gero Zicar
Gero Zicar
Anthony has a deep level of empathy, the ability to listen actively and offered practical tools and techniques to help me improve my overall well-being. I highly recommend Anthony and Mindful Health Counselling to anyone who is seeking professional support and guidance in their personal growth journey.
Rohan Jones
Rohan Jones
Anthony is an excellent listener and non-judgmental. Also, he has a wonderful balance of empathy and directness that works for me, and therefore I am able to trust him when opening up.
Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Anthony is very relatable and has a genuine interest in helping people better themselves. His calm nature and great communication skills makes you feel comfortable and safe.
Anne-Marie Kruithof
Anne-Marie Kruithof
It is obvious that Anthony has a genuine passion for helping individuals to achieve their best life experience possible. His communication style is relaxed, positive and intuitive making you feel highly considered and prioritised. Thanks Anthony!
Harry Harris
Harry Harris
Anthony is personable and excellent to work with. His guidance helped me make positive changes that have improved my life. I highly recommend Anthony and Mindful Health Counselling.

Individuals $95 per session

Sessions are 1 hour

Face to face & tele-health appointments available

Consulting rooms – Chelsea Comunity Support Services 1A Chelsea Rd Chelsea VIC 3196

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